Explanation from YUNA:

First issue in this article, is the title. PAKCIK MENINGGAL KE YUNA?

I feel like this is very inappropriate. I was raised by my parents (and my beloved UNCLE) and my grandparents not to play with the matter of death.

I admit I was very busy, very very busy (I was in the midst of my FINAL exams, opening up my new shop, taking care of the accounts, and pre production in the past few months) and we will politely turn down any photoshoot offers that comes within those months. And there was a few photoshoots that we turned down, and we told them that we were involved with the shooting with RTM. And I would do all this a respectful manner. Anyone from any newspaper who have worked with us would have known the way I am in real life.

I would never, EVER give them excuses such as my uncle died. This is very disturbing to me and my family as I am very close to my uncles, and they are all healthy, alive and kicking. They are awesome people. You should meet them. =)

So its safe to say, the statements in the newspaper is not true.
YES we are involved with the RTM shooting, (in case any other rumours starts) and NO ONE HAS DIED. My uncle, my mom, my dad, my mom, my cousin, my bandmates, Wawa... EVERYONE IS ALIVE =D Alhamdulillah.

But a while ago, we discovered another article saying that it was actually Stacy's uncle who passed on. Saya, dan keluarga ingin mengucapkan takzia kepada Stacy dan keluarganya.

I am truly sorry for causing any trouble to the newspapers, but be noted that I would never give excuses to a newspaper photoshoot just to avoid it. If I cant really make it for the photoshoot, it means I really really cant. And I am truly sorry for that.

I have to go now, the shooting is going to start anytime soon. I'll update more on that! It's been really fun and we cant wait to share this experience with you!

Thank you. and much much love from your ordinary and simple girl. =)


(This article is taken from http://blogs.myspace.com/yunaroomrecords)